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lovely wines in 2018 under revision

FOR 2018 we have discovered some exceptionally lovely Bordeaux Wines - we will add the names and descriptions shortly

2018 Guests will be invited to enjoy the some of the wines listed below.

In a six-night holiday twelve or more different wines are proposed.


















Grand Vin de Bordeaux - Château Clos de Paillot 2011

Mis en Boutille au Château

Family vineyard of only 6 hectars. Traditional method of production. Distinctive, powerful and a great pleasure to drink. Merlot/Cabinert Franc/Sauvignon


Anjou AC 2014

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Juicy is an apt word to describe this delicious wine based on Cabernet-Franc.


Mas des Cabres "Estive" Vin de Pays d'Oc 2012

Mis en Boutille au Domaine

Delicious and interesting wine of Merlot, Grenache and Syrah. The vineyard is in the same commune as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and was relatively recently planted on a former goat farm.


Grand Vin de Bordeaux AC 2010

Domaine de Vignerac

Smooth natural wine, traditionally made at family owned vineyard. Distinguished tasting with a good percentage of Merlot for flavour.


Corbières AC 2012

 Château de Villefalse

Full bodied and rugged like the wild Cathar country it comes from in the south-east, slightly spicy. The huge  wine making advances of the last twenty-five years are evident in the quality of this wine.

 Côtes du Rhône - ancient vignes  
 Côtes du Rhône - villages 2014  

Cabernet-Sauvignon Vin de Pays d'Oc 2012

Caves de Ste-Geneviéve

Single grape wine full bodied and smooth from the south-east on the Mediterranean. The quality of this wine benefits from tremendous technical advances in this region in recent years.


Fruits des Versennes (Red wine # 10 and Rosé wine # 3)

As you probably already know, AOC rules closely define grape varieties and winemaking practices adopted in connection with wine carrying the appellation. The purpose of AOC is to control the quality of French wine and to protect French interests.

The family who own the vineyard had an AOC on their wine. The AOC was abandoned recently when the vineyard was passed-on another generation. The rejection of the AOC stipulations was in favour of the freedom to make wine according to the Viniculteur's and Viniculturice's own prescriptions.



Fruits des Versennes, Vin de France of Bordeaux 2012

Viniculteur Fabien Guionneau à saint Ciers d'Abzac, Gironde 33

This most interesting and well made wine bursts with flavour and finishes softly. Legs and tears are great! A exceptional nice and juicy wine.



Gros Plant du Pays Nantaise AC

2012 - 2013

Conditioned by Cellar de St Jean 69220 St Jean d'Ardères

A pale clear wine with green reflections with a delicious refreshing crisp clear taste. This wine has greatly improved in recent years.


Bordeaux Blanc AC 2012 - 2013

Leyroy Chevalier,

Blanquefort 33290


Dry white wine of Sauvignon and Sémillon. Slightly perfumed, supple and soft and refreshing. Typical white wine from the Atlantic coast.


Grolleau Gris

Domain la Gachére,

79290 Saint-Pierre à Champ,

les Deux-Sèvre







Everybody enjoys a nice Pouilly-Fuissé or even better a lovely Chablis. And yet a lot of folk say they would not choose a Chardonnay - surprising since both Pouilly-Fuissé and Chablis are both made exclusively from Chardonnay Grapes. Even if you think you don't like Chardonnay, you will be gently urged to try the lovely clean tasting wine from Domain de Lucet - you will not regret it.



Chardonnay vin de pays

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Attractive refined honeysuckle and slightly fruity flavour.


Sauvignon vin de pays

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Delicate aroma of alder flowers, clear tasting and deliciously refreshing.


The relationship between Domaine de Lucet and le Moulin du Chemin goes back to 2000.

The vigneron is Jean-Carl Dessévre and the vineyard has been in the Dessévre family for four generations, since 1928. Domaine de Lucet is near the tiny village of Trémont, in the Anjou wine region, situated on the axis between Cholet and Saumur, about 1hour 20minutes drive from le Moulin du Chemin.




Saumur semi sec

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Best enjoyed very well chilled on a hot day at the height of summer.


Crémant de Loire

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Delicious fine, clear tasting with delicate small bulles. Highly recommended.

rosé WINES


Rosé de Loire

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire



Cabernet D'Anjou

Domaine de Lucet, 49310 Trémont, Maine-et-Loire

Soft salmon pink in colour, discreetly fruity, soft finish this wonderful semi-sweet wine is ideal as a picnic aperitif - served very chilled.


Fruits de Versennes

Priscilla Pouzou, Viniculturice à Saint Ciers d'Abzac, Gironde 33

This delicious wine was bottled in 2012 and was acquired on account of this distinctiveness. (See item 10 under Red Wines above)

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