winter 15/16  
ACCOLADES New page added
winter 14/15  
MOULIN FOOD Moulin Food pages revised and reformatted
MOULIN ROOMS Photos of Moulin guestroom interiors added
21st ANNIVERSARY Pages about le Moulin's 21st anniversary (of holiday operations that is - le Moulin has been around a lot longer)
winter 13/14  
DARK SKY ZONE A new page about the night sky in a region unaffected by light pollution.
BIRD WATCHING Bird Watching pages refurbished
WHAT YOU WILL SEE Images of a few of the things to see on the walks
WELLBEING WELCOME Wellbeing Holidays at le Moulin du Chemin
GLOSSARY OF LOCAL TERMS Explanation of terminology used on the website
CLARE'S BIRD SIGHTINGS Clare McKee's bird sightings St-Denis du Payré, Marais Poitevin, in third week of September
BRIAN'S BIRD SIGHTINGS Brian and Sue Wilson's bird sightings during their holiday at le Moulin in the third week of September
summer 13  
GOOGLE TOUR Google Tour of the rooms and facilities at le Moulin du Chemin
MOULIN BICYCLES photos and description of le Moulin's bikes
winter 12/13  
a glorious EASTER opportunity an Easter 2013 promotion
VEGETARIAN MENU a typical vegetarian menu added
TYPICAL MENU typical menu example updated
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 A PAGE FOR IRISH FOLK Irish page button moved to new location, on Getting There page, next to flights from Ireland
PHOTOS photo gallery removed since it is no longer pertinent
TYPICAL MENU typical menu example updated
summer 11  
THE SUNDAY TIMES 2011 a review in The Sunday Times of 11 September 2011
winter 10/11 general website revamp
summer 10  
HOME PAGE new Home Page, which of course you will have seen unless you came via a link
NO1 VEGETARIAN DESTINATION le Moulin selected by Headwater as No 1 Vegetarian Holiday Destination
360° TOUR new 360° images of le Moulin
winter 09/10  
NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT high-season single-room supplement waived on first single bookings each week

Le Moulin is proud to have been accredited as a member by the long established and highly- esteemed ethical-travel organisation

VEGETARIAN? le Moulin provides for vegetarian and other special diets with flair and flavour
ADDITIONAL CYCLE ROUTES additional cycling routes for 2010.
NEW WALKING ROUTES additional walking routes for 2010
SAUMORT RIDING picture of the foal at Saumort, at six months old
ECO-FRIENDLY eco-friendly at le Moulin
RESPONSIBILITIES le Moulin du Chemin's Responsible Travel Policy
NEW BIRD SIGHTINGS reported sighting of a rare Black Woodpecker
AN IRISH PAGE particular things about le Moulin that attract Irish folk
spring 09  
SINGLE-CENTRE BENEFITS cycling: many benefits of single-centre holidays compared with hotel-to-hotel holidays

winter 08/09

SINGLE-CENTRE BENEFITS walking: many benefits of single-centre holidays compared with hotel-to-hotel holidays
TREASURE le Moulin's buried treasure
HORSES & RIDING horse riding possibilities
A CONJECTURE this item is a bit obscure, but one or two of you may find it interesting
RAMBLINGS anecdotes, facts and history that may interest or even amuse (revamped)
WELLBEING some clients have claimed that le Moulin has restorative qualities
WEATHER a fairly reliable weather forecast for the immediate locality of le Moulin




Maison d'Hôte: Carolynn Grimaldi, 2 lieu-dit le Moulin du Chemin, 79240 Scillé, France

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