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While the magic of le Moulin du Chemin is working and you are becoming relaxed, you may also wish to be occupied - some of the many relaxing, interesting and rewarding things to do at le Moulin are described below.

arriving at the picnic chilling by the pool enjoying a nectarine
  • The idyllic surroundings of le Moulin du Chemin make it the ideal place for chilling by the pool.

  • The region is rich in places of natural, historical and cultural interest for guests who enjoy going sightseeing. Le Moulin will provides information about the places of interest as well as directions for getting there.

  • Guests who like to be active can walk or cycle on the many walking and cycling routes in the area. Le Moulin provides highlighted maps and detailed route notes of the routes on A4 laminated sheets in respect of a large number of local walking and cycling routes. The routes are of different lengths so it is possible to choose distances that suit you.

Fully equipped hybrid bikes can be hired on site per day (€15/day). We would prefer advance notice - without committing you to cycling on any particular day - to be sure of having a bike available for you.

  • Horse riding takes place at our neighbour's equestrian centre 5km from le Moulin du Chemin - we can transport you. It is better to give advance notice if you think you might like to ride.

  • The vicinity of le Moulin is rich in bird life and bird watching is much enjoyed by birding guests.

  • Le Moulin has a huge selection of books, in case you don't like reading a screen.

  • Any combinations of the above categories.

Further details and proposed itineraries are proposed on the following links to other parts of le Moulin's website

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