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irish folk love moulin holidays


     blissfully warm and clement weather

     less than two hours flight from Ireland

     an idyllic rural paradise

    "Your hospitality was second to none and the craic was mighty." ....... Therese and Mike Crotty, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

                            Moulin pergola in spring breakfast at le Moulin

What attracts Irish people to le Moulin

Easy Access Less than two hour flight from Ireland with Ryanair.

Simple travel between Ireland and France is now the norm. We did the trip (which prompted this page) and the journey was effortless. Easy travel has made Ireland an even more attractive destination for us living in France, and it's made France an even more attractive destination for you.

and we think a leprechaun came back with us....*

Space and Tranquility The glorious countryside is interesting and varied with hardly another soul to be seen whereas it abounds with wild flowers, birds, butterflies and (harmless) wild creatures.

Walking There are hundreds of kilometres of secluded paths, tracks and country lanes where you will meet hardly another soul.

Cycling There is very little traffic on thousands of kilometers of well surfaced country lanes with wide verges for good visibility, and no potholes.

Sunshine The region is south of the Loire Valley where the weather is blissful with average 2,250 hours balmy sunshine annual average and only 300mm rainfall at le Moulin (average 1,500 hours sunshine and 1,250mm rainfall in Ireland).

Scarce Swallowtail

Southern White Admiral

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

Lesser Purple Emperor


some of the butterflies you can see near le Moulin

Superb Value – Euros buy a lot more in France than they do in Ireland and on top of this, Moulin Holidays are very reasonably priced.

No Hidden Extras – Bank statements after your holiday normally tell how expensive the holiday really was. At le Moulin everything, but everything, is included in le Moulin’s fair tariff all meals, all drinks (plenty of excellent French wine, beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc), use of facilities even the postcards are free (for anyone who still sends them).

Marvellous Ambiance In Ireland you are accustomed to warm hospitality and you will be delighted with the marvellous ambiance fuelled by the generosity of le Moulin's celebrated hospitality and based on superb cuisine, loads of excellent French wine and great craic.

Wine Pleasures Twelve or more different wines are offered during a six-night holiday. Distinctive local wines of premium quality and character include rosés, whites and reds from the small family producers of nearby Bordeaux, the Fiefs Vendéen and Anjou Region. Evening meals are accompanied by plenty of beautiful red wine from better known wine producing regions, particularly Bordeaux and the south-west.

ALL wine is included in the price

* and if you should end up with a few glasses in excess you can always say that

it was the leprechaun who made you drink it.

Friendly Locals – Like Irish, French folk are kind and friendly.

Bergerac 2005

Bergerac rouge 2005

English Language – In case your French is a little rusty, English is the lingua franca at le Moulin.

Places to Visit

romanesque church at Maillé Mélusine's tower at Vouvant Pumpkins for sale at Vix Eleanor's Abbey at Nuiel-sur-l'Autize

There are many interesting places of historical, natural and cultural interest to visit


The wild irregular coastlines of Kerry and Cork, and of Brittany, are part of the same geological formation – the Armorican Massif – that gives the the region of le Moulin du Chemin its particular character. After dipping below the Celtic sea and Loire Valley, the southernmost extremity of the Armorican Massif emerges to form the Gâtine Hills. Eons of weathering, erosion and deposition of topsoil have produced a gently undulating landscape. The region is epitomised by timeless cattle pastures, ancient hedgerows, crystal streams, pleasant orchards and cool deciduous woods and forests.

Travel Options

In-season air travel from Ireland is now available from Dublin, Cork or Shannon to either Le Rochelle or Nantes (both within 90 minutes drive of la Moulin). La Rochelle and Nantes are regional airports similar in size to Cork Airport, so travel through these airports is relatively hassle free.

Low-cost Air Travel – local airports are la Rochelle, Nantes and Poitiers

Dublin - la Rochelle – Ryan Air



Dublin - Nantes – Ryan Air

Shannon - la Rochelle – Ryan Air

Flights are mostly two or three times a week, and seasonal.

If the time-tables don't match le Moulin's normal six-night holiday format, let us know and we might be able to change the format or propose an alternative solution.

In addition, there is the car ferry from Shannon to Roscoff (Roscoff is 4½ hours drive from le Moulin).

Car Ferries

Rosslare - Roscoff – Irish Ferries

Rosslare - Cherbourg – Irish Ferries

Cork - Roscoff – Brittany Ferries

Roscoff is 4½ hours drive to le Moulin and Cherbourg is 5hrs drive.

Moulin Faces

what a lovely picture moulin picnic old fellas discussing

- Moulin Holidays: Most Definitely Out of the Ordinary -

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