Clare's sightings

Seen by Clare and Malcolm McKee at St Denis du Payré Bird Observatory during the week commencing 11 August 2013:





scores of  Spoonbills,  Cattle Egrets,  Sacred Ibises,  Black Winged Stilts,  Sandpipers,  Marsh Harriers,  etc





St-Denis du Payré is in the Marais Poitevin (45mins drive from le Moulin du Chemin). The Bird Observatory is in a wet grasslands nature reserve and is home to 120 species of birds each year. A pathway on stilts leads to an observatory with seats and 18 telescopes. Entry is 5€ per person. It is advisable to check opening times in advance.






auberge: Carolynn Grimaldi, le Moulin du Chemin, 79240 Scillé, France

+33 (0)5 4995 9487 –


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